SE 004 leftI attended my first yoga class in 1992 while I was living in New York City. The class was challenging, then while I was in savasana, I felt something – a connection to a certain feeling that was familiar and felt like coming home. Walking home that evening I felt like I was experiencing the streets as a different person than who I was when I walked into that yoga studio an hour earlier. I wanted more, so I continued yoga classes and other mind-body exploration throughout the ‘90s and on. In 1999, I had a moment where I knew that I had to have a meditation practice. I started a daily practice and struggled to find my way. I explored many techniques with many teachers. Though I have stayed in the United States to study meditation, I have had the wonderful opportunity to take workshops and extended (multi-year) training with teachers from almost every continent on earth. I first incorporated meditation into my coaching practice in 2010, and I quickly realized that it was not only what my clients were asking for, but what I felt called to share more and more. I have had the opportunity to use meditation coaching in my private practice, as well as in small groups, in clinical settings, in classes and workshops. 

How I teach:

What has resonated deeply for me is that the most direct way to share meditation with those who are interested is to experience it in a supportive environment. So many people who would benefit from meditation as a practice think that they can’t meditate because they have tried, and their minds don’t stop. I know what that feels like. I have trained extensively on how to hold space and carry a meditative experience. Using this technique with clients, we are able to experience a co-meditation that often yields deep insights. I also know that it took me many years to find the right meditative fit and the best teachers for me – I am always open to a conversation to help someone searching to find their best fit.