Meditation is a practice that can involve accessing a state, or states, of consciousness that we all know and have all experienced in one way or another, but that many of us are far removed from on a regular basis.

People turn to meditation for a variety of reasons. For some it is a calling. For others it is stress reduction. It could be a search for quiet, or a desire to connect to creativity. A quick Google search will yield 100s of reasons to meditate, and current research substantiates many of these by showing the actual changes in brain pathways that even a relatively short period of commitment to a meditation practice can bring about.

My personal road to a daily meditation practice was a long and bumpy one. I explored many styles with many teachers. As a result of my personal exploration and training, I bring many choices in how to approach your practice. In a session we spend time on various topics: we discuss practical considerations, explore how your practice is progressing, sense into what your current needs are and consider various meditation concepts. Then you will experience co-meditation, a guided meditation practice. You will receive access to a recording of the meditation to use in between sessions. Each session builds on the one before, so your practice becomes deeper and the benefits become more accessible and lasting, as you make changes to every level of your being. The intention of the guided meditation is to allow all that you are experiencing to arise naturally, for you to have your own experience in meditation, and ultimately to learn how to navigate meditation on your own, without guidance.

Whether you're a beginner looking for how to start your practice, you've been meditating for years but feel like you've lost your way, or if you are curious and want to explore, try a session to see if this is the right fit for you.

Please wear clothes you can comfortably breathe in.