RachaelLee"Upon meeting Stephanie, one is immediately put to ease. Her demeanor radiates compassion and grace that is felt in conversation as well as in holding space as a teacher. Her ability to translate the complex world of energy, meditation and healing for body, mind, and spirit is rich with depth and understanding. Not only can Stephanie bring students into a knowing that is felt, she has the ability to hold dignity with a sincere kindness that allows one to fully open in the deepest parts of themselves. It is vitally important that I trust my teacher, and Stephanie goes above and beyond, building upon the qualities of humility, respect, and discipline. Her quiet strength is reassuring and always present. The pairing of Polarity Therapy and meditation has helped me find reservoirs of peace and stillness that feel boundless. Continually being guided back to that place within, the place where Source lives in me, is a gift that cannot be measured. To have a teacher that is committed to doing the work in their own life, so that their heart is open and their mind is clear, is even more rare. Stephanie has helped me move beyond perceived limitations in my personal practice and has supported me in finding my own voice along this journey of healing, remembrance, and coming back; to my authentic self, my whole self, my awakened self".

Rachel Lee
Teacher and Writer
All The Way Woke

"I reached out to Stephanie at the last minute to participate in a staff celebration for National Social Worker’s Month. The theme for the celebration was self-care. Stephanie did a fantastic job. She spoke to staff about the benefits of meditation and then lead us (a group of 20) through a brief but so relaxing mediation session. My only regret is that she couldn’t be with us for a longer period of time. What makes Stephanie’s performance so remarkable was she was able to come in to a situation at very late notice (completely my fault); quickly assess my team and adjusted her presentation accordingly.

I highly recommend Stephanie for team building, stress reduction and overall staff satisfaction."

Adrienne Corbett
Executive Director
Homeless Families Foundation

Carrie Saba"Stephanie helped me take meditation to a whole new level. I loved that I could choose from in-person or Skype sessions. I found her guidance to be grounding and so supportive. I have always wanted to be able to meditate more. I had taken classes and workshops to better understand it, but it was nothing like what I experienced with Stephanie. Working with Stephanie created such peace in my life that I can barely explain. The meditation sessions included a time where we talked about a particular topic and how it related to my life. I was amazed at some of the feelings that came up, and how meditation helped me move through it in such a positive way. I had never before been able to say meditation impacted me in the way it impacted me working with Stephanie and learning from her. It was the discussion and then the guided meditation combined that helped me clear things out that I had been holding on to and helped me get to a very peaceful place. It is like something I have never experienced before. It was fantastic! I use many of the teachings and recordings, even after my time with Stephanie, because they are so beneficial to me in my everyday life. I highly recommend Stephanie to help you move forward in your own meditation practice, whether you are just starting or have been meditating for years. Her intuitive and calming presence was such a gift, and I am grateful for having experienced her guided meditations."

Carrie Saba
Health & Lifestyle Coach for Zesty Living
Columbus, Ohio

Kim Oyer"I decided to see Stephanie to teach me how to meditate. Stephanie is a fantastic meditation facilitator. I had already been trying to meditate on my own through some research on the internet and reading books on it. During her discussions, she teaches us how to live, think more positive and relax. She teaches how to meditate properly to get the full effects. Stephanie has so much knowledge and insight to provide through her coaching, and through her I learned how to pay attention. The atmosphere in her office is so calming and peaceful, too. With Stephanie’s guidance, through her insightful discussions and facilitating a meditation at each visit, I am now able to meditate deeper and feel so relaxed after them. My mind, which likes to take control of my life at times, is so much calmer and peaceful now. When I completed my time with Stephanie I felt a like a new person. I use all of Stephanie’s information to live a more peaceful, healthier, balanced life!"

Kim Oyer
Dental Hygienist
Columbus, Ohio